100% Free Fundraising Platform

In the time it took us to type that previous sentence, a new one probably just launched. With so much to choose from, it can be hard to tell where to start. We’ve looked at some donation platforms in the past, specifically as part of our recommendations for nonprofits looking to keep that steady drumbeat of on-site contributions. And we’re still big fans of those platforms — but for fundraising websites, we wanted to look at those instances where you have a specific niche to fill. Their platform comes fully-equipped with a range of tools, so you can supercharge your fundraising efforts.
After we create the teams fundraising page, your fundraising director will be on site to help
launch the campaign. We will assist each participant in joining the fundraiser and use the
invite process to share the campaign with potential supporters via social media, text and
email. Easily create branded fundraising pages for your activities and events in order to raise more money and and build community support.
We help elevate causes and strengthen programs for long-term success using tried-and-true development strategies and innovative approaches. Learn more about how we help nonprofits take their fundraising to new heights. Groups can find inspiration and tips for group fundraising on our blog.
Ultimately, choosing the right fundraising website for your nonprofit comes down to your unique needs. Determine which platform works for your budget and future aspirations, and ensure your choice is user-friendly for both your nonprofit’s team and supporters. It’s free to start a GoFundMe fundraising campaign, but the platform collects a 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee per donation.
Today, its fundraising software helps nonprofits across the entire country. If you’d like to see what TheShareWay offers, you can sign up for free on their website. This fundraising website comes with exposure to companies that like to give. DonationMatch is a fundraising website that helps nonprofit organizations secure in-kind donations.
Fundly is in the fourth position in our list of top 10 fundraising websites in the USA. Fundly, a California-based crowdfunding website has helped to raise over $330 million in funding online. Fundly is designed specifically for individuals and nonprofits and it is one of the first crowdfunding websites that has helped to pioneer the industry. Fundly provides easily customized fundraising pages that help you tell your story with images and videos to multiple social media integrations, and raise funds quickly. Fundly is not an all-or-nothing service so you don’t have to hit a specific goal in order to receive the donated funds. Another personal fundraising website, Fundly, is known for its online fundraising process.
And built-in social sharing tools make it easy for supporters to share your cause with their personal network. Share progress updates directly on your fundraising page, keeping your donors in the loop with how much you’ve raised and how close you are to meeting your goal. Bonfire’s fundraising platform is free for anyone to use, which means you keep 100% of the money you raise. The only fee Bonfire will ever collect is an 8% processing fee on additional donations. But if you’re a verified nonprofit on Bonfire, then your processing fee is reduced to 3%. In order to maximize giving, it’s important to note that many companies offer matching gift programs, which can double or even triple the impact of a donor’s contribution to your efforts.
A versatile platform that’s helped individuals raise funds for everything from personal healthcare expenses to keeping local businesses alive, GoFundMe is a clear pick for personal fundraising needs. fundraising sites that don’t charge of success includes bringing in more than $17 billion in funds from over 200 million donors. The Essentials plan gets you the basics, including unlimited fundraising campaigns, unlimited peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, various donation reports, and social media integration. The Advanced plan provides a full suite of features, including CRM integration, Text-to-Give technology, and advanced analytics.
Use Braid to wager weight loss and fitness challenges with friends and family. Start your free Braid Pool and start collecting donations today. Your Braid Pool has a free digital debit card to spend pool funds without transferring them to a bank account. There are zero transaction, monthly, or maintenance fees, and you can put every penny to good work with your Braid card.