50 Raffle Basket Themes and Ideas

You can raise more for your team—and make the night even more fun—by selling concessions as well, with a portion of the proceeds going toward your team. A sincerely written appeal is sure to motivate supporters to give to your team. Use your fundraiser as a way to spread communication and awareness throughout the community.
Fifteen percent of all food and drink sales, including to-go orders generated from your organization, will be donated back to you for your school! Call the manager of your local Chevys to see if they participate. Little Caesars offers the opportunity to fundraise with their stores.
Many large corporations will match donations made by their employees to any eligible organization. There are studies showing that 84% of donors are more likely to donate if their gifts are able to be matched. In addition, people are willing to give a higher donation amount knowing it will be matched. The ABC Fundraising® Custom Travel Mug Fundraiser
is one of our newest Band fundraisers. JustFundraising offers 2 methods of product fundraising – order-takers (or brochures) and
direct-sellers (also known as show-and-sell). Raffle baskets have become a go-to auction type for many nonprofits.
By coming up with unique designs or methods to invite donors, you are more likely to gain more attention for your fundraiser. The longer you procrastinate planning, the more challenging creating a detailed fundraiser will seem. However, a mistake some planners make is to wait too long before they start planning.
Think about your team logo on sweat shirts, t-shirts, baseball caps, tote bags & water bottles. We will even design a custom flier for your team to help you sell your team brand. Since people are in a festive mood in the holiday season, you might as well supply them with all of the gift wrapping paper they need.
easy fundraisers for schools can also sell these logo items in a bookstore to show your spirit. You can partner with a local park or business to map out a 5k route. Participants will pay a fee to attend the 5k; additionally, you can set up teams that compete against each other to raise the most money through social media campaigns.
Simply put, many people worried about spending money right now. However, they’re willing to give spare change to help a good cause. So what if you had a contest to see which team member can raise the most spare change? This can very quickly add up and be an additional way your squad to raise money during the cheer season. By the way, this is also a great nonprofit fundraising activity to host for any cause or charity in your community.