Simple & Smart Fundraising Software for Small Nonprofits Fun Fundraising Ideas

In order to maximize giving, it’s important to note that many companies offer matching gift programs, which can double or even triple the impact of a donor’s contribution to your efforts. Take the time to educate and promote the opportunities to supporters, and see how donation-matching can bring your next crowdfunding campaign to new heights. Crowdfunding thrives on social media’s timeliness and ease of use, so focus your efforts on those platforms. Hosting a small event might also be helpful as long as you have the time and resources to plan and promote one.
No matter what, creators always control how the work comes together—no 100-page grant applications, no donors demanding you modify your message, no last-minute edits from investors. When backers chip in funding and help spread the word, they too become part of these independent works. Take your fundraising to the next level by growing your donor network and connecting them to your greatest needs.
There isn’t a ton of information on how donors like using Donor Perfect forms and they do not have a donor portal. If you’re wondering about integrating Zeffy into existing software or on your website, know that Zeffy uses Zapier to integrate with over 1000 web tools and databases. If your organization is hosting an event such as a golf tournament or walk-a-thon, DoJiggy is an excellent choice to help you advertise and get pledges. Prices do vary, so check their website for the latest pricing information. Setting up a campaign on Donorbox is very simple and you can do it even without being a tech whiz. Plus, they have a higher standard of priority on security, and they make sure that the data of your donors are safe and secure.
As they reach out to their networks, you are still automatically funneling donor information into your database and sending out thank you letters and tax receipts with minimal effort. The crowdsourcing platform works especially well for small nonprofits, providing all the resources it needs to run its giving program, from annual fundraising to events management. Individuals can mount personal fundraising campaigns, and donors can browse all the campaigns. This service allows anyone to raise funds through Facebook, email, or with a mobile app. Then Fundly charges a platform fee of 4.9%, a credit card processing fee of 2.9%, and $.30 per transaction. GiveCampus is the world’s leading digital fundraising and volunteer management platform for non-profit educational institutions.
You may set prizes for various donation levels and build various campaign models, such as fixed or flexible funding, with the help of the plugin. It also works with WooCommerce to convert any eCommerce site into a crowdfunding hub. We’ve provided you with some of the pros and cons of each donation page so you can decide how to format yours.
We proudly serve thousands of churches, campaigns, schools, and other nonprofits.Select your industry for information on features, pricing, and how we can serve you. Fun Fundraising Ideas of your website is super important, so it’s worth the effort to ensure it’s perfect. This is where readers form their first impression of your organization, and where your potential donors start to decide whether they can trust you. This first screen should clearly explain your why—why your nonprofit exists and what its ultimate objective is.
We continually assess the work, progress, and future plans of our recommended charities. We will remove a charity recommendation if we no longer believe the organization meets our criteria. This number represents the total number of people who will gain access to clean water as reported by our implementing partners. This number is dynamic and updates as we receive new information from our partners in the field. So far, you’ve conveyed the purpose of your nonprofit and the strategies you have in place. Now, you can share the results of your work so far, including any major milestones you’ve crossed.
Nonpartisan, independent and nonprofit, OpenSecrets is the nation’s premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy. Our mission is to track the flow of money in American politics and provide the data and analysis to strengthen democracy. SU2C is dedicated to forming a unified front against cancer through fundraising, community engagement, and education. SU2C funds scientifically rigorous, patient-focused research to accelerate the development of new treatments for people with cancer. The SU2C research portfolio includes 130 collaborative research teams, as well as 93 individual early-career investigators to bring new scientists and their ideas into cancer research. This experience kicked off our partnership with RED to help provide women around the world with lifesaving medication to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child.
Some campaign methods might not make sense for your fundraiser, and that’s okay. Nonprofit crowdfunding can be used to collect funds for just about anything that aligns with the organization’s overarching mission. In the end, you should have a solid understanding of nonprofit crowdfunding and feel prepared to lead your team in the right direction. Not to mention, they’ve utilized multimedia to portray their content in various ways, catering their website to supporters with different engagement preferences.
Partner with a local restaurant and they’ll donate a percentage of each meal to your fund. You can either reach out to your favorite eateries and see if they’ll participate. In this scenario, restaurants will usually give your group 10-20% of every sale.